Best dessert spots in NYC

For those who are always in the mood for something sweet…

New York is definitely the place to be for every foodie out there. From delicious Vietnamese food in Chinatown, high end French cuisine or the latest restaurant trend like the ramen burger – NYC is the place to try all of it.

I don’t think it’s possible to try everything the city has to offer in one lifetime, especially because there’s always a new novelty waiting around the corner (anyone remember cronuts?). Being the helpful blogger (who eats a lot) that I am, I made a list of my favorite dessert spots in NYC and I dare you to try all of them!

*some stomach stretching may be required beforehand.

Ladur̩e SOHO Рin addition to the classic French macaroon they have some delicious pastries such as rose flavored macaron biscuit with rose petal cream, fresh raspberries and lychees. The home of macaroons is best to visit in the summer when you can grab a table in their gorgeous backyard.


Butter & Scotch – their s’mores pie=life. That’s just the best explanation. You can also find them at Smorgasburg (which is a topic for a whole another blog post). The greatest thing about the s’mores pie from Butter & Scotch? You can have it delivered to your home. The catch is, you have to order a whole pie (no judgement here – I’ve done it before).

Eataly – while this place is a must for cheese and charcuterie lovers, their dessert selection is not to be missed either. The place can get really crowded and overwhelming (especially on the weekends) so the best strategy is to grab your dessert to go and enjoy it in Madison Square Park, overlooking the Flatiron building! My favorite one is the Toro – a hazelnut praline cake.


Photo credit Elena Sonnino 

Jean-Georges – their whole menu is to die for but the dessert is what I dream about at night. When you visit Jean-Georges, you absolutely must try the lunch dessert tasting menu. Dark chocolate mousse, mini warm chocolate cake, crystallized rose, peanut caramel, hibiscus sorbet… and that’s all in one dessert! Only one dessert=less guilt.


Spot Dessert Bar – what an accurate name. This tiny place in the heart of East Village serves sweet treats such as chocolate green tea lava cake, green tea-ramisu and coconut monkey bread. Their desserts are not only delicious but look really cute (definitely Instagram worthy). Pictured below: “the harvest” (which is basically a cheesecake in disguise) and the green tea lava cake.


Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop – hands down the best donuts in all of New York City. I highly recommend all of them (but especially the ones with custard and cherry on top). Absolutely worth the trip to Brooklyn. And when you get there, don’t forget to also visit Beacon’s Closet.

Petee’s Pie Company – their website says “the absolute best pie in New York” – and they’re not lying. This tiny parlor on the Lower East Side is easy to miss, and oh boy, what a shame would that be. You’ll be drawn inside by the smell of fresh pie, which they make from scratch. You must try the pecan and chocolate chess – perfect with a side of whipped cream.


Baked by Melissa – their mini cupcakes are just too cute not to try them (all). The bite-sized treats come in lots of fun flavors such as peanut butter & jelly and seasonal ones like pumpkin spice and cornbread crumble.

Do you have a favorite dessert spot in NYC?



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