How to wear animal prints without looking tacky

Animal print is like a C-list celebrity. It had its 5 minutes in the 80s, but every few years, it tries to remind us about itself and get back into our closets. It’s one of those trends that was really big a few decades ago and then got swept under the rug with shoulder pads, spandex, scrunchies and all the sequins in the world. For some time now, all those things were considered tacky and overall uncool. No self respecting lady would be caught dead in an animal print leotard. Yet somehow, leopard print always finds its way back into our lives. I believe every woman out there owns at least one piece of clothing in the wild print (or is it just me?).

If you don’t have a pair of leopard loafers in your closet yet, see why you should start loving the trend that is officially making a comeback this year!


You can’t go wrong with a leopard print fur coat – it instantly makes any outfit cool and chic with little to no effort. Whether it’s a classic tee and jeans combo or a simple black dress – a leopard print coat is the perfect addition.


There’s no such thing as too much when it comes to animal prints – just look at Kendall. Well, yes, the girl can wear literally anything and look good. But it doesn’t mean you have to be a supermodel to pull off this leopard on leopard look.

Leopard and leather are a match made in heaven – very Kate Moss circa 1990. The only accessory you need is a cigarette in hand.


Don’t be afraid of mixing prints – an option for the more adventurous ones.


Shop the coolest animal print pieces below!

DVF dress, Topshop loafers

River Island faux fur coat, Asos coat

 Asos sweater, Asos coat

Kate Moss for Equipment slip dress, Rebecca Minkoff bag

Topshop ankle boots, Love Token faux fur coat


What do you think of animal prints? Yay or nay?




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