Best and worst street style looks from Milan Fashion Week

I’m all for doing and wearing whatever you want. If you want to wear sequins and shoulder pads all year round – just go for it. I do not support those who blindly follow the trends no matter if it suits them or not. But sometimes, I just can’t help it – I see an outfit and I think – this looks horrible. I particularly do not like seeing photos that make me think: does this person even like what they’re wearing, is it really their style? Or did they pick out the weirdest outfit they could just to get photographed?

So, I picked out some ofย my favorite looks from Milan Fashion Week but I also decide to share the ones I did not love so much.


I really liked this outfit until I saw the pool slides.



Yes to animal prints!

50 shades of grey – YES. 50 shades of plaid – NOPE.


This gorgeous coat basically makes the whole outfit.

A big no-no to this dress and this construction-worker-off-duty look.












Yes to fun prints!


This blazer + waist belt combo is everything.


Hint: if you look like you’re wearing a costume – you’re doing it wrong.


Really not feeling this hat situation. Cute boots though.


Perfect, simple look that you can easily recreate in real life and look good.


Very Rooney Mara in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo… Nope.


Proof that sometimes less is more. Even when you’re attending a fashion show.


What do you think of these looks? Hot or not? Let me know in the comments below!


Photo credit Diego Zuko/Harper’s Bazaarย 




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