Where to eat in New Orleans

New Orleans definitely deserves to be in the top 10 must-visit places for every foodie-traveler out there. In addition to all that jazz, beautiful architecture, all the bourbon on Bourbon St, all the cemeteries and weird voodoo museums- the best thing that Nola can offer you is amazing cuisine. I’m talking turtle soup, alligator sausage, beignets, crawfish quesadillas and (most importantly) southern fried chicken. So plan your trip wisely and don’t forget to do some stomach stretching before you hit the road- be prepared for insane amounts of fried chicken and frozen daiquiris. Here’s a list of what you absolutely MUST eat when in Nola:


Gumbo at Commander’s Palace – the best place to try authentic creole cuisine. They also serve turtle soup, blackened redfish and creole bread pudding soufflé. If that didn’t convince you, just go there during lunch time to grab a 25¢ Martini (yes, that’s twenty-five cents for a drink).

IMG_9585_2 (1)

Fried chicken at Willie Mae’s –  most likely you’ll have to wait in line (but won’t regret it). Delicious Louisiana style chicken, best with a side mac and cheese and some fried okra.

IMG_9343 (1)

Beignets at Café du Monde – aka world-famous-fried-dough-deliciousness. I mean it- even Kim K is obsessed. Best part – you can grab a box of beignet mix and make them at home!


Crabmeat Prentiss at Arnaud’s – that’s crabmeat baked with lots and lots of cheese (this one is strongly recommended). Bonus: you can listen to live jazz while enjoying your dinner AND they also do Sunday Jazz Brunch (that sounds almost as good as bottomless brunch).

IMG_9469 (2).jpg

Fried Green Tomatoes at EAT New Orleans – don’t forget to also watch the movie. These are absolutely delicious, but so is their blue cheese and fig torte and crawfish boullettes so you might have a hard time deciding what to order.

Enjoy Nola!





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