Where to go vintage shopping in New York?

After a few years in New York, thousands of miles walked in Manhattan, countless hours spent sorting through hangers to find that perfect silk shirt or the perfect denim skirt- I believe I’m a pro when it comes to vintage and thrift shopping in New York. I’m the kind of person who enjoys going through piles of clothes at thrift stores to find what I’m looking for. So, I did the research for you and here I am with the guide to the best vintage stores in New York!

Buffalo Exchange – The kind of place where you can find a vintage DVF dress from the 70s for $20 and stuff from brands like Zara. The prices are very reasonable, even for more high-end brands. My favorite location is the one in Chelsea (it’s the biggest one and I rarely left empty handed). At Buffalo, you can also sell you pre-owned clothes, accessories and shoes. You’ll earn some extra cash or store credit to feel less guilty about buying something.


Literally, $20.

L Train Vintage – My go-to place for denim shorts and fur coats. They have a few locations in the City and in Brooklyn. My favorite is Urban Jungle in Bushwick. You’ll typically find Levi’s denim short for $5-10, fur coats for as little as $20, leather slip-ons for $15, silk shirts for $5 and sooooooo much more. Be prepare to go through lots of racks. I mean it.

Beacon’s Closet –  Works similarly to Buffalo, where you can sell and exchange your clothes. Probably the best spot to look for genuine vintage pieces – I’m talking lots of sequins, velvet and shoulder pads. Prices vary, but you can find a cute no-name shirt for $10 or a real designer gem for a reasonable price – I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything at Beacon’s for more than $80-100. They also have an online store so you can check out some of their merchandise.

The Family Jewels – This Chelsea store has a great selection of authentic vintage dresses but you can also find a pair of YSL pumps for $30 (and cry on the inside when you find out they’re not your size).

Screaming Mimis – This boutique in Soho has a beautiful selection on vintage jewelry. It’s also the place to go if you’re looking for a costume – they’re merchandise is divided into sections from 1930s, 1970s and so on.

Commes des Garcones belt, Moschino vest

Artists and Fleas – This is a huge market space in Williamsburg, where you can find great vintage pieces but also jewelry from local designers and other gems! It’s open only on weekends and it’s close to the waterfront so you can grab food at Smorgasburg in the summer and enjoy views of the Manhattan skyline when you’re done shopping.

And if you’re looking to splurge – I mean, really splurge – check out What Goes Around Comes Around They’re known for an impressive selection of vintage Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and more.

Chanel bag and earrings 

Happy shopping!





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