Why you should stop hating long layovers – 12 hours in Hong Kong

For most of you, having a long layover is probably in the top 5 worst things that can happen when you’re traveling. Just think of it this way- if your layover is long enough for you to leave the airport, you basically have another trip included in your plane ticket! That’s one more city crossed off your list of places to see, one more stamp in your passport. If you’re not on a tight schedule, don’t be angry that it will take you a little longer to get to your destination. Check out my list of things to do when you have a layover in Hong Kong!

7am: Yay, you just landed in Hong Kong! You’re probably not that excited after a long flight and possibly- before another one, maybe even longer. Good news is you can finally stretch your legs and get some fresh air!

9am: A quick change of clothes, a short bus ride later and you’re in Victoria Harbour. Grab breakfast at InterContinental Hong Kong- you’ll have time to plan your day and get some energy while enjoying views of the harbor!

10am: Take the ferry to get to Central Hong Kong. Don’t forget to take pictures along the way!

11am: Head to Victoria Peak and take the tram all the way up. It’s the best way to see the city if you’re only there for a day!


2pm: I believe it’s time for lunch… Check out Tim Ho Wan– the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant. Just be prepared to wait in line and eat a lot!

4pm: Relax in Kowloon park before you’ll have to get back to the airport. There’s also plenty of boutiques in Harbour City in case you forgot to pack your favorite Prada loafers or the flats you’re wearing gave you blisters- any reason is good.

7pm: You’re back at the airport but it’s okay because you had some awesome dim sum today and you got that Alexander Wang bag that you’ve had your eyes on for months. You needed a souvenir from Hong Kong, right?

Have a save flight!





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