What to wear when you have nothing to wear – 5 outfit ideas

We’ve all been there- maybe you forgot to do your laundry, maybe you have an unexpected date or maybe you’ve just been staring at your closet for 3 hours and still can’t decide. Check out my 5 outfit ideas to help you get ready faster and make your life a little easier.


The scenario: It’s 11am on a Sunday and you’re looking forward to spending the whole day in your pajamas. But the universe has a different plan for you- your best friends texts you saying that you two absolutely have to meet up for lunch to discuss her wedding with a handsome Irish man she’d met the night before. You wanna throw on something comfortable and chic. You’re too lazy to do your make up so you just settle for red lipstick.

 Your shopping list: T by Alexander Wang shirt, Striped trousers, Converse sneakers, Moschino backpack, NYX lipstick


The scenario: You’re deciding which show to watch on Netflix when your friend calls saying that her boyfriend bailed on her and left her with two tickets to insert-artist-name-here. You have no choice but to save you friend and reschedule your night with Grey’s Anatomy. You’re not sure what you’re getting yourself into or where you’re going but you want to look chic.

Your shopping list: Bodycon dress, Vintage leather jacket, Converse sneakers, DVF bag


The scenario: You were going to settle for Chinese take-out but you’re craving a large margarita really bad. Your better half is always in the mood for some pepperoni so you decide to go out and grab something to eat. You put on your favorite jeans, add a pair of cute sandals and you’re already thinking about what to order for dessert.

Your shopping list: Vetements jeans, Steve Madden sandals, Carienne Moore bag, H&M turtleneck, YSL lipstick


The scenario: You’re already running late and you realize that the white button down you wanted to wear has a huge stain (it’s probably just marinara sauce). You need come up with plan B ASAP- you look for the most work-appropriate black dress, add a blazer and a chic silk scarf. Just add your favorite tote that can fit everything you need and a pair of comfortable flats and you’re ready to go!

Your shopping list: Dorothy Perkins dress, Saint Laurent blazer, Ted Baker tote, Loewe vintage scarf, Stella McCartney slippers


The scenario: You meet a handsome stranger online and spontaneously decide to grab a drink with him. You have no idea what the night will bring so you need to be prepared for everything. You’re going to need a cute dress, a bag that will fit your essentials and comfortable shoes (in case you have to run, because, you know- you’re meeting a guy you met online).

Your shopping list: Moschino dress, Gucci earrings, Adidas sneakers, Fossil bag, Chanel nail polish 

Let me know how that date went!




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